Author: Allison Rutz

The Questionable Nature of Carbon Neutrality

The city of Burlington, Vermont, sits along beautiful Lake Champlain in a valley between the Green Mountains and the Adirondacks. It is home to Bernie lovers, University of Vermont students, and dozens of farm-to-table restaurants. Sitting on a bench in downtown Burlington, you can notice the distinctive character of Burlington: hybrids are the preferred car;… Read more »

Treatment in a Failing Healthcare System

This article is part three in a series. Find the first part here and the second here. As I have already discussed in this series, opioids can have a detrimental effect on towns and communities. By now, we know the effects of opioids, but our country’s current healthcare system makes treatment options inaccessible and inefficient. The most realistic approach… Read more »

Race and Inconsistent Drug Policies

This piece, which will focus on the dynamic of race in drug systems, is the second of three articles dedicated to the social and political aspects of the opioid epidemic. Many politicians and officials have proclaimed that opioid drug addiction is “non-discriminatory,” in that it affects people of all demographics. But before the epidemic became… Read more »

Small Towns, Big Problems

Over the course of a decade, the opioid epidemic has crept into our homes, schools, and neighborhoods, disrupting communities, destroying lives, and leaving users stuck in a never-ending cycle. It has contributed to the deaths of twenty-seven thousand people each year, surpassing cocaine as the leading cause of drug related deaths in the United States…. Read more »