Author: Adam Hunt

The Peshawar Massacre & The War On Education

On December 14th of this past year, there was an attack made by the Pakistani Taliban on an English-medium, army-run public school in Peshawar. The school had roughly 1,100 students ranging in age from 8 to 18 and was on the outside, and in many ways functionally, just like any junior-high or high-school complex you… Read more »

Band-aid Solutions for Venezuela

Today in Venezuela, citizens are in the streets protesting what they see as a corrupt, mismanaged, misguided government. Broad discontent has been brewing in the country for years, beginning largely in the Chavez presidency and intensifying in fury since the 2013 election of Nicolás Maduro – a younger and taller, but ideologically identical version of… Read more »

No Home for Defectors

Immigration, especially when it increases significantly in a short time span, tends to alter a host country’s social and political climate. A conservative backlash, both cultural and political, usually develops in response to the introduction of otherness. Take, for example, the Scandinavian countries: 44Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Previously the go-to examples of social responsibility and… Read more »

Chemical Weapons Attacks in Syria

Chemical weapons use is often described in broadly referential terms by politicians who take positions on it and news sources that report it. By itself, the term chemical warfare is vague – it can describe anything from the use of a stink bomb to the dropping of a nuclear warhead. Because of this massive range… Read more »

Lessons from Cuban Healthcare

It may be strange to think that Cuba takes better care of its citizens than the United States, but in a certain sense this is true. Cuba has a lower infant mortality rate and the same life expectancy rate. Its various cancer survival rates are on par with ours and even surpass American rates for breast… Read more »