Author: Charlie Galicich

Anti-Racism, Individualism, and Civic Duty: The Crossroads of Public Education

Earlier this year, Bowdoin College announced a plan to adopt a new distribution requirement to its core curriculum. Difference, Power, and Inequity—or DPI for short—will replace the former Exploring Social Differences (ESD) label and marks courses meant to help all Bowdoin students “shift from awareness to active antiracist practices,” according to Jennifer Scanlon, Senior Vice… Read more »

What to Do Post-Posting: Keeping Activism Actionable in the Age of Instagram

2020 seemed like the worst possible year to be stuck inside, a year limited to living vicariously through screens. From the national awakening surrounding pervasive systemic racism in the United States to the most important presidential election in recent history, this year brimmed with potential for grassroots-organized activism. While the COVID-19 pandemic did not prevent… Read more »

Cartoon Comforts

It was a kindergarten ritual: every day, my older sister and I would race off the bus, run into the kitchen, and switch on the TV. After the long day of dealing with elementary school stresses of drawing five-point stars and writing complete sentences, we had certainly earned a brain break. We munched on our… Read more »