Author: Kayla Kaufman

Staff writer since Fall 2014.

My San Juan Seven Months Later

This personal essay is set in a context of privilege. I am lucky enough to have maintained contact with my family for the entirety of the storm, and reside in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods of Puerto Rico’s capital. I did not visit any other cities on the island, and thus am unable… Read more »

The Happy-Medium Candidate

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Or at least get going-ish? In light of the most unusual and, frankly, disturbing series of events that have transpired since the 2016 election of Donald Trump, Joe Biden has come to be revered by Democrats as the only candidate with the background and bravado to… Read more »

Signing Off to Find @Me

“Now you’ve got to remember that YOU are the deal,” Patti Stanger preached (read: screeched) in my ear as I walked down Boylston Avenue on one of my many Sunday trips to Trader Joe’s. Living alone in Boston for the summer, podcasts had become my source of entertainment for those moments of boredom spent waiting… Read more »

Who Wore It Best

The movement toward a society free of body shaming is well on its way. In recent years, popular fashion brands like Aerie, the “intimates” branch of American Eagle Outfitters, have launched highly successful campaigns to counteract the unrealistic photoshopping of clothing models (with sales rising as much as nine percent), as well as the homogenous… Read more »

More than the Money

Despite its widespread demonization, Wall Street continues to exert a pull over Bowdoin students. Kayla Kaufman talks to them about their motivations for entering the world of finance.

Activism is Dead

Silenced by money, American food and environmental activism has lost its integrity. The result: a corrupted Congress and a duped citizenry.

The Womb of Asia No Longer: Thailand Bans Commercial Surrogacy

During much of the 2000’s, Thailand was branded “the womb of Asia” thanks to its incredibly lucrative commercial surrogacy business.  However, on February 19, 2015, the Thai legislature voted 160-2 in favor of banning commercial surrogacy. This new law prohibits all foreign and same-sex couples from seeking surrogacy within Thailand and places severe restrictions on… Read more »