Author: Kyubin Kim

A24 is a Revolutionary Production Studio

A24 is spearheading the unanticipated new wave of indie films. A24 is a film distribution and production company founded in 2012 by seasoned film veterans Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges. Since its inception, this up-and-coming indie film distributor has accumulated 25 Academy Award nominations and has received high acclaim for their impressively broad… Read more »

The Multiverse of Fiction: Defending Fanfiction

Fanfiction gets a bad rep. But it’s so bad that it’s worth $1 billion of good. That’s how much the Fifty Shades franchise, a small project that budding writer E.L. James started as Twilight’s Edward and Bella fanfiction, earned in three years. Fanfiction has been notoriously dismissed as cheap amateur fiction, despite evidence of its… Read more »