Author: Madeline Cole

France’s Hateful New Gesture

A new gesture called the “quenelle” has been making its way into the pictures of French adolescents, writers, and footballers alike. The quenelle is almost militaristic in appearance, and unlike typical poses such as the thumbs up, it carries an implicit political message, though the meaning of that message is still unclear. It has been… Read more »

Jobbik: Hungary’s Fearsome Party

On Sunday, January 26th, Britain braced itself to receive some controversial visitors. Led by Gabor Vona, members of Hungary’s Jobbik Party planned to hold a rally outside of the Holborn tube station. What might have been seen as a standard expression of free speech instead became a highly conflicted event due to Jobbik’s status as… Read more »

Taking the Wheel in Saudi Arabia

Intrepid Saudi women are defying the ban on female drivers, putting themselves at risk and calling into question Saudi Arabia’s interpretation of Sharia law.

The Legal Battle Over GMOs

Walking into a grocery store, a consumer can learn just about any nutritional fact her heart desires– from percent daily iron levels to relative content of monocalcium phosphate–with the flip of a package. And yet, it is nearly impossible to discern exactly which foods contain genetically modified components. The Institute for Responsible Technology defines genetic… Read more »