Author: Nicole Tjin A Djie

America’s Fatal Fixation on Guns

There are many people who can attest to the brutality and horror of the shooting two months ago in Parkland, Florida. No account is more chilling than those of the medical professionals who worked to save the young victims, but in the end could not. When a body is struck by a bullet from a… Read more »

Tragedy Beyond Policy in the GOP Tax Bill

In the late hours of December 1, Republican senators achieved their biggest victory of 2017—passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The bill, complete with crossed-out paragraphs and handwritten edits, is a haphazard agglomeration of reforms that will overhaul America’s current tax system. At the very core of the 479 page bill are tax cuts,… Read more »

How (Much) to Save a Life? The Costs of Naloxone Access in Maine

Last spring, in a three-part series, Allison Rutz assessed the scope of the opioid crisis in America.  The series also analyzed the long-term policies in place to combat the failure of America’s health system to provide treatment to addicts. While long-term problems and proposed solutions will be critical to addressing the opioid epidemic, there are… Read more »