Author: Nick Purchase

Joe Biden: His Life, His Values, and the Next Four Years

“The election ain’t over until every vote is counted,” Joe Biden said to a drive-in crowd of supporters 12:45 a.m. Wednesday in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. “Every time I walked out of my grandpa’s house in Scranton, he would say, ‘Joe, keep the faith.’” We kept the faith, and Joe has won. Democrats’ lofty… Read more »

Trump is Soft on China

Despite campaign bluster, Trump has failed to take on the threat of the rising superpower.  Trump has long seen his trade war with China as a way to secure his re-election. A closer look at his dealings with the United States’ rival superpower, however, reveals that Americans have borne the brunt of his trade war’s pain. And… Read more »

Amazon, Walmart and…Ancient Greece?

What can a historian from 400 B.C.E. tell us about cutting-edge corporate strategy in 2019? There will be war. Thucydides was an ancient Greek general now known for his book History of the Peloponnesian War, a meticulous chronicle of the epic clash between Athens and Sparta in the late fifth century B.C.E. Thucydides noticed that… Read more »

The Future of the Office – Maybe

Fruit water, micro-roasted coffee, and kegs of craft beer will soon be commonplace in every U.S. office. Or so it would seem, based on shared office space company WeWork’s meteoric rise to prominence. The company rents real estate in major cities, converting large buildings into office spaces that can be rented on a monthly basis… Read more »