Author: Olivia Muro

The Constitutional Crisis in Spain

The images circulating from Cataluña today are unnervingly reminiscent of another era. Not since the dissolution of Francisco Franco’s fascist state in the 1970s has Spain looked like this. Following orders from the central Spanish government in Madrid, hundreds of members of the Guardia Civil and Policía Nacional, helmeted and dressed in black riot gear,… Read more »

The Color of Feeling: The Life and Work of Howard Hodgkin

Memoirs Regarded as “one of the greatest artists and colorists of his generation,” Gordon Howard Eliot Hodgkin was born on August 6, 1932, in Hammersmith, London. He knew early on that he would be a painter. It was a fitting aspiration for a child surrounded by countless sources of creativity and innovation: his family—illustrious Quakers… Read more »

Art and Soul: Remembering Jazz Photographer Chuck Stewart

You can almost hear the photograph. It’s an image of Dinah Washington, taken in 1963. Draped in a thick fur coat and armed with a heavily annotated score, she is shown in profile: her eyes tightly shut, her mouth open wide. The shot is as loud and colorful as the “Queen of the Blues” herself,… Read more »