Author: Perry Seelert

Confessions From a Pool Club Kitchen: Reflections on Entry-Level Labor

Names and distinguishing details have been changed to protect the identities of those involved. Introduction: Social Status on the Gold Coast There are thirty-two country clubs in Fairfield County, Connecticut. From a bird’s eye view, they are clearly visible, green oases among the density of upscale shopping centers, stately homes, and manicured sidewalks. For most… Read more »

The Wall Street Journal Is Mainstream Disinformation

The Factual Decline of an American Newspaper The Trump presidency has impacted many American institutions deleteriously, news media being one of the most egregious examples. However, the decline of factual, unbiased reporting has largely proliferated in the dark corners of the web that were formerly only frequented by the political extreme. It is one of… Read more »

Strikes or Stagnation? The Strife of the Modern American Laborer

In today’s seemingly hyper-efficient economy, people expect things to just work. American corporations are well aware of increased consumer demand elasticity when things don’t function the way they are supposed to; this is the reason internet companies such as Facebook prioritize minimal downtime over all else. When things malfunction, hiccup, or slow down, consumers notice… Read more »

Lungu’s Licentious Leadership and the Destruction of Zambian Democracy

The 1990’s in Zambia saw a clean, nonviolent transition of power from longtime president Kenneth Kaunda (1964-1991) to a democratic system with multiparty elections. Under Kaunda, Zambia had followed a single party, socialist path that had rejected the tenants of democracy in favor of totalitarian rule by Kaunda and his government. The sudden political liberalization… Read more »

Vae Victis, Isabel dos Santos

Preface The year was 390 BC, a little over a century since the foundation of the Roman Republic. It was still a small state, not yet occupying the entire Italian peninsula nor the vast European and Mediterranean expanse it would reach in the years of the Empire. The Romans had, with their conquest of new… Read more »

Joe Kennedy and the Losing Democratic Party

The Democratic Party response to President Trump’s first State of The Union address serves as a laboratory and a public testing ground for new or unknown liberal politicians to see if they have the mettle to make it on the national stage. In choosing Joseph Kennedy III, a three-term congressional representative from Massachusetts and, more… Read more »

Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles: Rape Culture in a Land of Criminality

Hollywood was once a land of hopes and aspirations for a new wave of detached and rootless youth, committed to a modern American Dream of profound success and divine fame. In a time when everyone must be “someone,” Hollywood has provided limitless possibility and endless reinvention. Like all Edens, however, Hollywood’s radiance has dimmed; it… Read more »