Author: Sarisha Kurup

The Art of the Revolutions: May ’68 and the Arab Spring

In May of next year, we will commemorate the fifty-year anniversary of the protests that erupted across the world in 1968. Perhaps the most well known of these movements was the one that took place in Paris, in which the Left Bank, for a month, was turned into something of a war zone—barricades, Molotov cocktails,… Read more »

Mourning the Soul-Sucking of San Francisco

“Get to San Francisco,” Jack Kerouac wrote. “Get to San Francisco in defiance of your geography, your ancestry and the lonely change rattling sad excuses in your pocket.” For him, and for the generations after him, San Francisco was something mythic and untouched. A bohemian haven by the Pacific for artists and creators, a place… Read more »