Author: Spencer Wuest

Social Media Editor since Fall 2015 and staff writer since Fall 2014.

Islam with an Austrian Character

Is an authentic, local Islam to be brought about via legislation, or should it come organically from within communities? In the resort town of Lech, Austria there is only one story late in the ski season. Beneath the warm spring sun, torrents of beer flow from the taps, and the après-ski crowd share the day’s… Read more »

Cartels, Canada Style

For Americans, the word “cartel” normally conjures unpleasant images, such as OPEC ministers manipulating the price of petroleum, or drug lords executing rivals. The words “global strategic reserve” make us nervous, too, and the combination of “cartels” and “global strategic reserve” in the same paragraph is likely to send us running for cover.  The alarming… Read more »