Author: Thomas Skates

After 178 Years of Strife, Will a Face Mask Ban Push Hong Kong Past its Breaking Point?

In the last four months, Hong Kong has been filled with turmoil and political unrest. Protestors have filled the streets—donning facemasks, brandishing sticks and flags, and banging pots and pans—in unified protest against China’s attempt to implement an extradition bill on the city.  The bill requires citizens arrested in Hong Kong to be transported to… Read more »

Predatory Doctors and Nowhere to Run

Life expectancy for Native American men in Montana is 56, a whole 22 years below the national average. In the context of the low standard of living that Native American communities often find themselves in, such a low life expectancy fits in with the other poor conditions that characterize those communities. To illustrate, health programs… Read more »