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France, America, and the Politics of Character

Just after the third presidential debate, I called my grandfather, curious about his reaction to President-elect Donald Trump’s victory. As I typed Paris’s area code into my phone, my grandfather’s voice echoed in my head. I pictured the ultra-conservative 72-year-old yelling “crooked Hillary!” in his thick French accent as though he coined the saying. I… Read more »

The Intermodal Jungle

The Port of Calais is situated in northern France on the Strait of Dover, the narrowest point on the English Channel, and consequently, the gathering ground for refugees hoping to reach the United Kingdom. The “Jungle” is a sprawling refugee encampment that houses migrants of various origins seeking asylum across the strait. City dwellers and… Read more »

No Mas: Catalonia’s Messy Drive to Independence

The recent Catalan elections have failed to show where the Catalan people stand on the independence question. They have also highlighted the Spanish government’s failure to honor Catalonians’ right to self-determination.

The House of Lords Strikes Back

The Conservatives’ latest plans have hit an unexpected roadblock: the House of Lords. Who are the Lords, and what power do they really have?

The Desecration of November 11

America’s treatment of Veteran’s Day trivializes the dangers of war and does a disservice to the nation’s soldiers – living, dead, and unborn.

British Labour’s Identity Crisis

Leftist Jeremy Corbyn defied overwhelming odds to become the leader of Britain’s Center Left Labour party. Significant challenges lie ahead – many from his own party.

Islam with an Austrian Character

Is an authentic, local Islam to be brought about via legislation, or should it come organically from within communities? In the resort town of Lech, Austria there is only one story late in the ski season. Beneath the warm spring sun, torrents of beer flow from the taps, and the après-ski crowd share the day’s… Read more »

The Upcoming British Elections Explained

On May 7th, 2015, the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will vote in one of the most tightly contested elections in British history. The next Prime Minister will either be Ed Milliband of the center-left Labour party or David Cameron of the Conservative party, returning for a second term… Read more »

The Martyrdom of Charlie Hebdo

To say, “Je suis Charlie,” is to stand on the side of free speech, not bigotry. The more offensive the speech, the louder we ought to yell in its defense.