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Activism is Dead

Silenced by money, American food and environmental activism has lost its integrity. The result: a corrupted Congress and a duped citizenry.

The 86th Casualty

The 1994 bombing of Buenos Aires has just claimed another casualty, raising disturbing questions about a decades-old coverup.

The Plunging Price of Oil and the End of OPEC

Along the roadsides and off the highways of America, a quiet revolution is brewing. With over 60% of gas stations across the country offering prices lower than $3.00/gallon, Americans are paying less for gas now than they have in the past 4 years. The drop in prices would seem to come from nowhere; crude oil… Read more »

Keystone XL: Our Politics Must Catch up to the Science

The Problem On May 4, 2012, TransCanada Corporation sent an application to the State Department for a proposed pipeline that would run from the Canadian border to Nebraska. Keystone XL, if approved, would be the fourth phase of the Keystone Pipeline System (three phases are already in operation). When completed, the pipelines would carry up… Read more »