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Wants and Needs

“More people die of unenlightened self interest, than of any other disease.” – Parable of the Talents

Deep Dive

Jared Foxhall recounts moments thrifting for clothes during his year abroad in Kunming, China. In China, everything’s on sale.  It’s become a weekly event now, the second-hand store. It’s the only place where we can spend money on clothes and not feel absolutely awful about our bank statements afterward. You can’t even find prices this… Read more »

A24 is a Revolutionary Production Studio

A24 is spearheading the unanticipated new wave of indie films. A24 is a film distribution and production company founded in 2012 by seasoned film veterans Daniel Katz, David Fenkel, and John Hodges. Since its inception, this up-and-coming indie film distributor has accumulated 25 Academy Award nominations and has received high acclaim for their impressively broad… Read more »

The Problematic Lens of Queer Eye

The latest mini-season of the hit Netflix show Queer Eye follows the beloved Fab Five to Tokyo, Japan with the mission of, as the show’s description puts it, “bring[ing] the message of self-care and compassion to Japanese men and women while exploring the country’s rich culture and cuisine.” Though the writers likely intended to suggest… Read more »

One Day at a Time: Sitcom Review

I first watched One Day at a Time at the behest of my best friend. When I saw the opening montage of old-timey salsa dancing clips and pictures of Latinx families, I thought, “This is completely unrelatable. I’m not going to enjoy this.” As this article’s title suggests, I was very wrong.  One Day at… Read more »