Author: Dylan I. Devenyi

Associate Editor since Fall 2014

Indiana “Rand Paul” Jones and the Temple of Healthcare Reform

On December 23, 2015, the United States Senate cast a final vote, 52–47, to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The repeal bill, proposed by Congressman Tom Price, was similar to bills proposed by Republicans on a regular basis since the Affordable Care Act became law in 2009. It intended to roll back the major measures… Read more »

No Mas: Catalonia’s Messy Drive to Independence

The recent Catalan elections have failed to show where the Catalan people stand on the independence question. They have also highlighted the Spanish government’s failure to honor Catalonians’ right to self-determination.

The House of Lords Strikes Back

The Conservatives’ latest plans have hit an unexpected roadblock: the House of Lords. Who are the Lords, and what power do they really have?

The Desecration of November 11

America’s treatment of Veteran’s Day trivializes the dangers of war and does a disservice to the nation’s soldiers – living, dead, and unborn.

The Upcoming British Elections Explained

On May 7th, 2015, the people of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland will vote in one of the most tightly contested elections in British history. The next Prime Minister will either be Ed Milliband of the center-left Labour party or David Cameron of the Conservative party, returning for a second term… Read more »

Nationalism and the Future of the European Union

Several months ago, the people of Scotland voted rather narrowly (about 55%-45%) to remain a part of the United Kingdom. On the surface, this seems like it should have been a massive blow to the Scottish National Party (SNP), who championed the referendum. After all, Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond did resign in the days after… Read more »

UKIP and Friends: Free Expression and the New Right in the United Kingdom

In August of 2014, a profoundly disturbing story broke in the United Kingdom. In the small city of Rotherham, in South Yorkshire, approximately 1400 children had been the victims of sexual abuse since 1997 as local authorities failed to respond. A report released by Alexis Jay, former Chief Inspector of Social Work in the town,… Read more »

How New is the New Pope?

On paper, the Pope is not a very powerful head of state. He rules over a tiny country, less than one square mile with fewer than one thousand residents. His influence and soft power, however, extend to well over one billion individuals throughout the world. Because Popes rule until they die or resign, the ascension… Read more »

Scotland and Catalonia: Europe’s Ballot Box Revolutions

There are 193 member states of the United Nations, and probably a few more countries in the world depending on who you ask. Although this is no meager sum, the global political landscape has changed significantly, considering a few centuries ago there were as many as 1,000 countries in modern day Germany. However, the trajectory… Read more »