Author: Grace Monaghan

Victoria’s Secret: The Outdated Beauty Ideals of a Dying Brand

When you walk into Victoria’s Secret, you are immediately accosted by a cloyingly sweet wave of perfume as your eyes adjust to the dim light. Life-sized pictures of scantily clad models with seductive expressions stare down at you from the deep purple walls. For many years, this defined the lingerie shopping experience for many women…. Read more »

Eating for a Sustainable Future

Living on a campus as environmentally conscious as Bowdoin, where vegan and vegetarian options are consistently available, it’s hard not to consider the environmental impacts of our diet. Although I’d never been compelled to make a serious change in my diet, I was astounded the more I came to understand how my eating habits could… Read more »

What Does A National Sex Offender Registry Mean For India?

On the evening of December 16, 2012 in Delhi, a young woman and her male friend were returning from seeing a movie. This woman was Jyoti Singh Pandey and she was a 23-year-old physiotherapy intern. Pandey and her friend boarded a private bus with six other men. After knocking her male friend unconscious, these men… Read more »