Author: Hannah Sherman

The 86th Casualty

The 1994 bombing of Buenos Aires has just claimed another casualty, raising disturbing questions about a decades-old coverup.

The Legacy of History: An Interview with Dr. Joseph Tulchin

In a world where technology has made travel much simpler, it is easy to live abroad and feel safe. Few Americans, however, have dared to reside in countries under military dictatorships. Fewer still have been in a state of siege even once, let alone five times. But Dr. Joseph Tulchin, a preeminent Latin Americanist, has:… Read more »

Reining in the Beast: Mexico Cracks Down on Illegal Immigration

The freight train barrels north, the cars rattling on the track. At first glance, it appears the same as any of the other thousands of trains that pass through Mexico daily. But on closer inspection, one can see the masses of people clinging perilously to its roof as they hurtle towards the next obstacle on… Read more »