Author: Kate Tapscott

The Warped Love Languages of the Bachelorette

The first date is supposed to be about love languages. At the start of the second episode of the sixteenth season of The Bachelorette, nine men follow a trail of heart stickers to some unused alcove of the Palm Springs La Quinta resort where 39-year-old Clare Crawley, their leading lady (for the time being), gazes… Read more »

The Problematic Lens of Queer Eye

The latest mini-season of the hit Netflix show Queer Eye follows the beloved Fab Five to Tokyo, Japan with the mission of, as the show’s description puts it, “bring[ing] the message of self-care and compassion to Japanese men and women while exploring the country’s rich culture and cuisine.” Though the writers likely intended to suggest… Read more »

Stanford University’s Quiet Complicity in Chanel Miller’s Sexual Assault

In the arid landscape of Palo Alto, California, nestled between Lomita Court and Jerry House, there stands a lush garden bordered by a shallow stone wall. The flowerbed occupies an easily overlooked corner of the Stanford University campus typically used by students for beer pong and pig roasts. It is a quiet, serene, unassuming space,… Read more »