Author: Michelle Luan

Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” Shows Love, Patience, and Pain

As I pull on my new, noise-cancelling headphones, my friend skips over and tells me to stop whatever I’m playing on Spotify. “Play ‘thank u, next!’” she exclaims, despite the doubtful look written across my face. Nevertheless, I hit play and watch her interpretive dance to the catchy tunes and thrilling lyrics. On Ariana Grande’s… Read more »

Crazy Rich Asians Deserves our Love and Attention

To many, Crazy Rich Asians was a “must-watch” or a check on the bucket list. For others, it was just another insignificant rom-com that hit Hollywood. Released in August of 2018, the movie depicts much more than a simple love story. Hollywood has suppressed the Asian-American voice since inception, but this movie epitomizes the diversity… Read more »