Author: Nora Greene

Folk Yeah!

Swift’s cozy new album folklore is a confident and understated departure from her usual style. I had no idea Taylor Swift was releasing a new album. As it turns out, neither did the rest of the world.  Following a surprise Instagram post, folklore entered the world on July 24th, just shy of a year after… Read more »

China’s Got Us Hooked: the Mystery Behind Tik Tok and its Origin

“We are TikTok famous!” These are the infamous words our generation longs to proclaim, the very words my roommate came into the room saying one day after practice. It was still early fall and her team had yet to take press photos for the school. One of our friends decided to make a TikTok of… Read more »

Sharks, Seals, and Fishermen: The Return of the Apex Predator

It all began in 1972 when the federal government passed the US Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) for the purpose of protecting certain marine mammals in the United States. Before the MMPA, seals were virtually extinct in the waters off Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Now, it is estimated that the seal population exceeds 40,000, showing no… Read more »

Why Sushi Matters

Food is often a victim of cultural diaspora. When groups of people migrate across borders, they bring with them the flavors of home. Sushi is one of these foods, a cultural centerpiece introduced to the United States by Japanese immigrants decades ago. Not too long after its introduction into western lands, sushi underwent a period… Read more »

High, Famous, and Broken: The Impact of Drugs on American Music

It is no mystery that the music industry dominates popular culture. This is not a new concept- music defines and influences whole decades and eras. Music speaks to emotions we couldn’t otherwise decipher, and triggers particular memories and sentiments; it becomes a conduit for nostalgia. While nostalgia can provoke many good sentiments, it also becomes… Read more »