Author: Nancy Xing

A Critical Gap in Texas Education

Texas House Bill 3979 steps backward from racial progress, ignoring the US’s current racial climate and politicizing education. On October 14, in a training session to the Caroll independent school district, Gina Peddy, the district’s executive director of curriculum and instruction, suggested that if teachers kept a book about the Holocaust in their classroom, they… Read more »

Whose Story?: The Tilted Reporting of the Atlanta Shooting

Mass media can never represent the full objective truth of an event. This often results in suppression of already marginalized voices, including, in the case of the recent Atlanta shooting, those of the AAPI community. On March 16, a gunman arrived at Young’s Asian Massage in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. He killed Delaina Ashley… Read more »

Should We Take Down the DMCA?

1998’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act is an imperfect solution to an impossible problem. On October 20, popular gaming and video streaming service Twitch started permanently deleting a large number of user videos. Certain streamers received notice that their content was subject to one or more DMCA takedown notifications and that these videos would be removed…. Read more »