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The Bias Among Us In America’s Mainstream Media

Alexandra Bell’s Counternarratives exposes the racial bias present in the news sources we trust the most. The New York Times. Washington Post. Wall Street Journal. These are our go-to sources for news. We use these news outlets to learn about current events and even cite them in our academic papers. Why? Because we trust them…. Read more »

You Are What You Speak

I have always been an international student. Growing up in Hong Kong, I went to an international kindergarten, progressed to an international primary school, and then attended an international secondary school. Now, I am an international student at Bowdoin. Throughout it all, my proficiency in the English language has been my greatest asset. That is,… Read more »

What to Do Post-Posting: Keeping Activism Actionable in the Age of Instagram

2020 seemed like the worst possible year to be stuck inside, a year limited to living vicariously through screens. From the national awakening surrounding pervasive systemic racism in the United States to the most important presidential election in recent history, this year brimmed with potential for grassroots-organized activism. While the COVID-19 pandemic did not prevent… Read more »

Every Game Makes a Statement

Whether or not developers acknowledge it, politics and video games are deeply intertwined — for better or worse. The title of the mission, “No Russian,” rolls on my screen. I hold my breath while listening to the instructions given by Makharov, a Russian ultra-nationalist, who I am supposed to follow. I hold my disguise the… Read more »

Bella Thorne and the Sexploitation of OnlyFans

When Bella Thorne joined OnlyFans, a subscription-based creator platform, the ex-Disney star charged users $20 monthly to access risqué content, from bikini pictures to hotdog-eating pictures to $200 pay-per-view nudes. After a day on the platform, Thorne broke the system, making $1 million in 24 hours and $2 million by the end of the week…. Read more »

We Are Finally Catching Up to Young Thug

“People think I am falling off because I put out music I like but I always know the music y’all like,” declares Young Thug. In creating So Much Fun, his goal was to release an album for the people. He was certainly correct in his assessment, as the album was his first to debut at… Read more »

There’s Only Room for One NBA Team in LA

No team is more symbolic of Los Angeles culture than the Lakers. If you need a reminder of how deep Laker’s history runs, just look at the jerseys hanging from the Staples Center ceiling. O’Neal, Abdul-Jabar, Worthy, Johnson, West, and Bryant might be familiar names to you. If you haven’t heard of these players, Lebron… Read more »

The Multiverse of Fiction: Defending Fanfiction

Fanfiction gets a bad rep. But it’s so bad that it’s worth $1 billion of good. That’s how much the Fifty Shades franchise, a small project that budding writer E.L. James started as Twilight’s Edward and Bella fanfiction, earned in three years. Fanfiction has been notoriously dismissed as cheap amateur fiction, despite evidence of its… Read more »