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Anti-Racism, Individualism, and Civic Duty: The Crossroads of Public Education

Earlier this year, Bowdoin College announced a plan to adopt a new distribution requirement to its core curriculum. Difference, Power, and Inequity—or DPI for short—will replace the former Exploring Social Differences (ESD) label and marks courses meant to help all Bowdoin students “shift from awareness to active antiracist practices,” according to Jennifer Scanlon, Senior Vice… Read more »

Why Vote in Maine? Your Vote Will Always Matter

The gravity of the 2020 election and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic make the experience of being a first time voter even more daunting this year. After years of bitter campaigning and a seemingly interminable election cycle, the election comes down to its final and determining day: November 3rd. Americans have had weeks in some cases… Read more »