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Black is Front Lines

(The names of key individuals in this essay have been removed for the sake of anonymity.) I survived. I felt the pain of an unsolicited knife and fought back. I gave myself credit for my resilience. Throughout hardship comes strength so I can achieve happiness and I can love and care for myself in the… Read more »

The Cost of Immunity

On the last day of Bowdoin’s fall break, each student was requested to pick up an at-home test from Coles tower to administer themselves before classes picked back up. When I removed my testing kit from its cardboard “do not tamper” sleeve, I noticed, in a moment of solemn revelation, that the test had been… Read more »

Stoicism in the Modern Day

The ancient philosophy of Stoicism still has a place in the modern day. Stoicism is making a comeback. In recent years, there has been a rise in self-help books and blogs based on stoicism such as  “Stoicism Today”, “How to Be a Stoic”, “Daily Stoic” and  “Traditional Stoicism”. These books and blogs market stoicism as… Read more »

Trump’s Infection Was Inevitable

The president’s minimization of Covid-19 led to the complacency which caught him the virus Perhaps the greatest surprise of Trump’s infection was that it took him over eight months since the first U.S. case of Covid-19 to contract the virus. He spent these months minimizing the pandemic, unrelenting even when it arrived at American shores…. Read more »

Lions on the Horizon: Venture Capital and African Tech

We already know the big names. With the advent of the global tech economy in the past two decades, two powerhouses have come to dominate the world of startup innovation: the US and, in its footsteps, China. Africa, however, is often left out of this conversation. Here’s what people don’t talk about: Africa is a… Read more »

Inequality and State Influence in the Russian Third Sector

Since 2012, several laws have been enacted restricting Russian civil society organizations (CSOs), specifically targeting human rights and other political groups, while favoring service-providing organizations. This method of both promotion and suppression results in a skewed civil society rather than a diverse, inclusive one. Background Russian civil society has been through many iterations since the… Read more »

The Chronicles of an Evil Genius: Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos

Introduction: To many, the words “Silicon Valley” might conjure up an image of a utopian society light years ahead of the rest of the world, where robotic technology controls daily life and the lavish campuses at Google and Facebook are the industry norm. The techie enclave — a conglomeration of cities mainly in San Mateo… Read more »

Crazy Rich Asians Deserves our Love and Attention

To many, Crazy Rich Asians was a “must-watch” or a check on the bucket list. For others, it was just another insignificant rom-com that hit Hollywood. Released in August of 2018, the movie depicts much more than a simple love story. Hollywood has suppressed the Asian-American voice since inception, but this movie epitomizes the diversity… Read more »

Color in a White House: The Obamas Reimagined

The Presidential Portraits exhibition of the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery houses presidential art ranging from a bust of Woodrow Wilson to a gold-framed photograph of Martin van Buren. Evoking emotional responses from warmth to awe, the Presidential Portraits claim to “tell the American story,” and the newest chapter about to be included is that of… Read more »