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The Real Reason for the NBA’s Offensive Explosion

In case you hadn’t noticed, the NBA is experiencing an offensive explosion. Teams are averaging over 112 points per game this season. By comparison, the league scored only 106 points per game last season and a mere 100 points per game five years ago. It is difficult to explain just how preposterous this increase is…. Read more »

Quarterbacks are Overvalued

NFL quarterbacks are being paid wild amounts of money. Seemingly every new quarterback that comes onto the free-agent market is paid a more exorbitant sum than the one that came before him. QBs have traditionally been paid handsomely, especially the good ones, but recently we have seen extreme payouts outside of the elite class of… Read more »

Allowing Teams to Trade Draft Picks Would Address MLB’s Tanking Problem

Over and over again, analysts have lamented Major League Baseball’s tanking problem. A tanking team, for those unfamiliar with the term, directs all of its resources toward building for the future. Instead of trying to compete for the playoffs, the team in question jettisons its veteran regulars in exchange for young talent. While this strategy… Read more »

The NBA’s Schadenfreude Prospects

NBA players are soooo good. They are so very, very good. Absurdly good, even. We all know this! Youtube channels posting nightly highlight videos get a half-million subscribers. This one video of a Giannis Antetokounmpo dunk got 430,000 views in ten days! Yup, the NBA is chock full of phenomenal talents, and we love to… Read more »

We Need a New System for Hosting the Olympics

In 1908, London hosted the fourth modern Olympic Games. The Olympics took place over the course of more than six months, and although the Games went smoothly, the buildup  was more than a little chaotic. Four cities had placed bids to host, and Rome, the selected winner, was making preparations. On April 7, 1906, however,… Read more »

What the Cavaliers Could Learn from the Brewers

American sports have become enamored with future value. This dynamic is probably best illustrated through the ‘Process’-era Philadelphia 76ers, the most hyped team in NBA history that has yet to play a playoff game. Even outside of Philadelphia, however, potential success has repeatedly taken precedence over actual results. When the up-and-coming Minnesota Timberwolves began to… Read more »

Native Americans are not Mascots

On October 11, several days before Sturgis Brown High School was to play Pine Ridge High School in an annual rivalry football game, pictures posted by Sturgis Brown students were spreading across social media. Originally posted on Snapchat, the pictures showed several teenagers beating an old car with the words “Go back to the rez”… Read more »

Throughout the Years: Winter Olympic Outfits

The 2018 Winter Olympic outfits are out, and they are the most unique outfits to date. For the sixth time in a row, Polo Ralph Lauren has been chosen to design the Winter Olympic outfits. The multibillion-dollar American fashion brand, founded by Ralph Lifshitz, has designed every set of  Olympic outfits since the 2008 Beijing… Read more »

How to Destroy a Basketball Team Completely (And Still Keep Your Job)

In an NBA offseason that was surrounded by more shocking headlines than possibly any other in history, the most bizarre news of them all came an hour before the new season tipped off. NBA insider Shams Charania reported that two Chicago Bulls players, Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotić, were involved in an altercation in practice… Read more »

Baseball Has More Home Runs Than Ever—And Is Better For It

The Major League Baseball (MLB) playoffs are in full swing, which means we get a full dose of meaningless baseballisms. Pitching wins championships! Bunt the runner over! Grumble grumble CLUTCH grumble FUNDAMENTALS grumble grumble. For more than a century, these dictums have outlined the way to win important baseball games; a “smart” team will string… Read more »