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Will President Trump End Birthright Citizenship?

Mr. Trump told Axios during an interview. “We’re the only country in the world where a person comes in and has a baby, and the baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for 85 years, with all of those benefits.” But, President Trump’s claim is simply false. There are more than 30 countries… Read more »

Julia Salazar and the American Fib

At just 27 years old, Julia Salazar is now the first-time state senator of New York’s 18th district. Salazar – a woman of color, a democratic socialist, and a rookie politician – defeated the incumbent (eight-term!) state senator Martin Dilan at the primaries in September, and then ran uncontested. News outlets loved her story of… Read more »

Trans Discrimination as a Cost of Gender Administration

Do you ever think twice when you check the M (Male) or F (Female) box on official documents, surveys, health papers, or just about any form? How much does that box affect your life, or does it not affect you at all?  There are at least 1.3 million US citizens who worry about those checked… Read more »

US-China Trade War

While exploring the food systems and rural communities of Iowa on an Alternative Spring Break trip, two things surprised me. The first, is that I became a vegetarian. The second, is that Iowa has become a geopolitical battlefield at the center of a recent trade dispute between the US and China. On March 1, President… Read more »

#MeToo is Here to Stay

Finally, it seems like we are making progress. When the #MeToo movement first started, it had the potential to fade into oblivion: another casualty of lazy social media activism. However, with the first month of 2018 over, the movement has proven to be the very opposite. The brave women behind #MeToo are not going away…. Read more »

Why the Left Should Forget about Fairness

If Barack Obama’s message of hope pushed a political pendulum, then Donald Trump’s rabid chauvinism has started a wild pirate ship ride. Although for many of us, having Trump as president makes us feel as though we are slowly walking the plank toward an impending societal plunge, there lies ahead a tangible future in which… Read more »

My San Juan Seven Months Later

This personal essay is set in a context of privilege. I am lucky enough to have maintained contact with my family for the entirety of the storm, and reside in one of the most densely populated neighborhoods of Puerto Rico’s capital. I did not visit any other cities on the island, and thus am unable… Read more »

How to Apologize for Sexual Assault

*This article is a piece of satire* It’s a stressful time for white, powerful men. Every day it seems there’s a brand new sexual assault accusation. Countless women within the last two months have been coming forward and calling out successful movie producers, comedians, talk show hosts, and government officials. These men have been tarnished,… Read more »

Residents, Not Voters: Should Lawful Permanent Residents Be Allowed to Vote?

Looking back almost a year out from the day when America elected Donald Trump as president, I want to discuss the importance of voting. I am a legal permanent resident. What does this mean? In essence, I am a legal immigrant. But more technically, I am a lawful permanent resident, or a non-citizen who has… Read more »

The Happy-Medium Candidate

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Or at least get going-ish? In light of the most unusual and, frankly, disturbing series of events that have transpired since the 2016 election of Donald Trump, Joe Biden has come to be revered by Democrats as the only candidate with the background and bravado to… Read more »