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Guiltless Flying for Consumers

Carbon offsets are reductions in carbon dioxide emissions in one place that allow another place to continue emitting carbon dioxide and harmful greenhouse gases. Essentially, the place that reduces its emissions is compensating for the other place, allowing it to continue to emit carbon at harmful rates. Most institutions that use carbon offsets continue to… Read more »

Tragedy Beyond Policy in the GOP Tax Bill

In the late hours of December 1, Republican senators achieved their biggest victory of 2017—passing the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. The bill, complete with crossed-out paragraphs and handwritten edits, is a haphazard agglomeration of reforms that will overhaul America’s current tax system. At the very core of the 479 page bill are tax cuts,… Read more »

Power to the People: Can Michigan Crack the Redistricting Code?

On November 8, 2016, Michigan voters lined up to cast their ballots.  They lined up from Detroit to Kalamazoo and from Marquette to Adrian—the last chapter in a spectacle of a presidential campaign that had seized the nation’s attention.  Some watched in horror as the numbers started to come in, others with cautious optimism.  When… Read more »

Mainers Lead, Legislature Stumbles on Ranked-Choice Voting

America is a country whose identity is uniquely tied to its system and ideals of governance and society. We are not bound to each other by centuries of shared tradition; we are bound by our shared belief in freedom, equality, and opportunity. It is these ideals that form our national patriotism, and a democratic system… Read more »

The Abusive Underbelly of Politics, Art, and Media

Images of powerful women have defined the last two years of American media coverage. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the favorite for the 2017 presidential election, overcame decades of sexist media coverage when over a million self-proclaimed “Nasty Women” and allies took to the streets in pink-hatted droves after President Trump’s inauguration. Stunningly wealthy women… Read more »

The Baby’s Beard: Our Philosophical Youth

In my experience, a frequent barrier to conversations about some of the most important issues can be the narrowness of the path on which we find ourselves as adults. Understandably engaged in the progression of their own education, health, or career, us adults have a tendency to dismiss fundamental philosophical and political questions if these… Read more »

Green Consumerism

Over the years, climate change has become a central political issue. More and more people know about climate change, engage with climate change politically, and are fearful of the ecological and societal repercussions of which scientists warn. In response to this fear, many of us want to take action. We ask ourselves: how can I… Read more »

How (Much) to Save a Life? The Costs of Naloxone Access in Maine

Last spring, in a three-part series, Allison Rutz assessed the scope of the opioid crisis in America.  The series also analyzed the long-term policies in place to combat the failure of America’s health system to provide treatment to addicts. While long-term problems and proposed solutions will be critical to addressing the opioid epidemic, there are… Read more »

What We Talk About When We Talk About Sexual Assault

Disclaimer: This article takes the stance that sexual assault is a predominantly male problem. Yes, women can also assault, but ninety-nine percent of perpetrators are male. Additionally, this article primarily talks about women as the victims of sexual assault. WOMEN ARE NOT THE ONLY GROUP IMPACTED BY SEXUAL ASSAULT. Members of the LGBTQ community, children,… Read more »

Why Culture Cannot Be Our Politics

There has not been a time in recent memory during which the liberal cause was in more desperate need of something new. In an election where the GOP nearly imploded before running Donald Trump as its candidate, the Democrats got swept. As the current iteration of the Democratic party is woefully short of leadership and… Read more »