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Black is Front Lines

(The names of key individuals in this essay have been removed for the sake of anonymity.) I survived. I felt the pain of an unsolicited knife and fought back. I gave myself credit for my resilience. Throughout hardship comes strength so I can achieve happiness and I can love and care for myself in the… Read more »

The Cost of Immunity

On the last day of Bowdoin’s fall break, each student was requested to pick up an at-home test from Coles tower to administer themselves before classes picked back up. When I removed my testing kit from its cardboard “do not tamper” sleeve, I noticed, in a moment of solemn revelation, that the test had been… Read more »

A Critical Gap in Texas Education

Texas House Bill 3979 steps backward from racial progress, ignoring the US’s current racial climate and politicizing education. On October 14, in a training session to the Caroll independent school district, Gina Peddy, the district’s executive director of curriculum and instruction, suggested that if teachers kept a book about the Holocaust in their classroom, they… Read more »

Whose Story?: The Tilted Reporting of the Atlanta Shooting

Mass media can never represent the full objective truth of an event. This often results in suppression of already marginalized voices, including, in the case of the recent Atlanta shooting, those of the AAPI community. On March 16, a gunman arrived at Young’s Asian Massage in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. He killed Delaina Ashley… Read more »

Joe Biden: His Life, His Values, and the Next Four Years

“The election ain’t over until every vote is counted,” Joe Biden said to a drive-in crowd of supporters 12:45 a.m. Wednesday in his hometown of Wilmington, Delaware. “Every time I walked out of my grandpa’s house in Scranton, he would say, ‘Joe, keep the faith.’” We kept the faith, and Joe has won. Democrats’ lofty… Read more »

Amy Coney Barrett and The Legacy of State-Sanctioned Racism

The Supreme Court, supposedly sheltered from the brute forces of political power, is for many liberals a barometer for moral integrity that offers a vision of “universal harmony and justice brought about by reason and persuasion.” However, over the past few months of national reckoning and re-examining of American institutions, the Court has come under fire for perpetuating patterns of state-sanctioned racism that have shaped U.S. history for centuries. Throughout its long history, the Court has advanced progress in fits and starts, and has… Read more »

Trump’s Infection Was Inevitable

The president’s minimization of Covid-19 led to the complacency which caught him the virus Perhaps the greatest surprise of Trump’s infection was that it took him over eight months since the first U.S. case of Covid-19 to contract the virus. He spent these months minimizing the pandemic, unrelenting even when it arrived at American shores…. Read more »

The Life and Contributions of the Notorious RBG

In the evening hours of September 18, 2020, Americans’ hearts collectively dropped as the news came out: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court justice and feminist icon, had passed away in her home at age 87. At first, the story hit Twitter, then was picked up a few minutes later by every media outlet in the… Read more »

The Loser’s Path to Victory

This November, progressive voters must compromise: either abandon their moral and policy convictions, or accept another four years of a damaging Trump presidency. If anything, the recent Democratic National Convention made this dilemma more poignant than ever before. Signaling no desire to convince undecided progressives to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden during its… Read more »

Trump is Soft on China

Despite campaign bluster, Trump has failed to take on the threat of the rising superpower.  Trump has long seen his trade war with China as a way to secure his re-election. A closer look at his dealings with the United States’ rival superpower, however, reveals that Americans have borne the brunt of his trade war’s pain. And… Read more »